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When Your Campus Costs Less

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The same people treat water differently in different locations. Consider this:

Offices are quite different from homes, yes? We expect things to function endlessly at our workplaces. Regardless.

Which means the bathrooms always have to be maintained, the AC must always be on and everything works, just as it should. Frankly, employees couldn’t give a drop about how much it costs. Just keep it all running!

So it’s quite understandable when your bills get high… Water bills end up more than the salaries of an entire floor and all of a sudden, you’re environmentally callous! Once the Press get wind of this, your organization is in a bad light -- having to start CSR initiatives which isn’t really fair, is it? You were just trying to keep your employees happy.

The point is that offices are expensive to run. Not just for themselves, but the environment too. So if you’re planning to stick around, pay attention:

Measure. Your. Water.

That’s it, really. It couldn’t be simpler. The only reason there’s an article about it is that this concept is new. Surprisingly, it’s been uncommon having data on water consumption without a sensored meter as detailed as the VenAqua.

Simply put, this meter answers questions you didn’t know you could ask. For example: “In my large campus, is there a leaky tap this very minute?”

Wouldn’t you like to know.

It’s true though, you can have answers to such previously ridiculous questions, when there was simply no telling where a leak was bleeding away your money. And it’s not just leaky taps, it’s the flow network within the plumbing system it monitors. Imagine that! Any leakage within a wall, faulty fittings or bypass, and you’re on it in minutes. The day your outlets are inefficient, you’ll know.

We stepped up and fitted VenAqua on a commercial campus for a case study, just the way we did here for the residential campuses.Guess what? 20,000 litres saved. In just 3 months. That’s 20,000 litres you’ve earned for the planet and saved on.

With this tool the property managers have a lot more power than before to curb losses. The timely reports will have you well on your way to being among the most water efficient campuses around.

And that’s a great look.


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