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The Equation: Digest 2/2

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 Let’s pick up where we paused last week on this subject; Modern Living & Water Consumption…

Apartment complexes; depending on the construction quality, maintenance and age; will have water leaks in anywhere from 30% to 70% of the total flats. So let’s do the water-math for just one of the leaks in a single flat:

A minor leak is about 2 mL every 3 seconds. Therefore 20 drops every minute becomes 8,76,580 drops in a month (43,829 minutes in a month). Simply put, that minor leak can result in 1750 litres of water wasted every month!

There is beauty in numbers; even ones that show us the ugly truth. A good look at the reality in figures will show you: Much is to be harnessed through information. Only what can be measured effectively can be managed effectively. The world of data can lead us to a better design; Perhaps one that can master sustainability - The Balancing Act.

How balanced is a world where we use more technology to consume water than we do for conserving it?

We are yet to treat water with the same care money receives. Imagine the levels of efficiency we can reach if one could account for every litre of water used, just the way we account for every rupee.

If water were currency, a lot less people would waste it.

We have fund managers who manage our money and relationship managers who make funds convenient to use. Similarly, knowing that water levels deserve our attention, we could do the same for it.

Water Management Systems like ‘VenAqua’ helps you manage every drop of water. It arms you with real time consumption information that enables you to treat your water as carefully as you treat your money. There is no reason a leaky tap can’t be shut through an app on your phone in 2018. This technology already exists, but we have to help make it commonplace.

We as an industry need to align our ambitions with the need of the hour to create and adopt efficient plumbing systems.

"250,000,000 litres of water saved in 10,000+ homes” is not only our happiness at having found a solution, but also our way of assuring you of the viability of our mission. To make waves in the future of plumbing, we need to build on this idea with the experienced professionals in our industry till it is a mainstream discussion.

We hope to create new thought bubbles as our attempts aim to reverse the current unpopularity of plumbing tech. We must dive into the challenges faced by this industry when adopting better tech and ideate what the future can hold for us.

Conserving our most valuable resource is not going to be a smooth sail; but with better plumbing we could save it from becoming dry land.

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