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The Equation - Digest 1/2

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“Water, water everywhere; and not a drop gets wasted.”, says a citizen of Utopia.

While the silent flood of leaky faucets nearly convince us of our dry doom, many in the plumbing industry know there is a lot that can be done about it.

Plumbing plus Technology meets Sustainability.

An equation.

Concise, clear and as crisp as water would allow it to be. Surely an idea this basic would have become redundant in 2018?

Technology has helped us consume, we must now use it to conserve.

Technology, not unlike water, has permeated our lives and is irremovable from our daily needs. Advancements in tech have revolutionised the way we consume water. From bottled water to water purifiers, lawn taps to automated sprinklers, geysers to solar water heaters, hand pumps to multi jet showers, and so on. Amazingly, for those too busy in the fast-paced urban life to drink water, there even exist bottles that glow as an alarm, reminding them to stay hydrated!

Urbanites daily interact with these modern methods of using water and yet, a connection between water conservation and technology is not as prominent as it could be.

Whoever made it possible to have a glass of cold water from the fridge without opening the door elegantly proved how useful technology can be when it comes to consuming water. And knowing the urban population’s needs, they’ve hit the nail right on the ice.

These advancements keep progressing but in the meantime what’s frozen is the use of technology to conserve water. With the Indian urban population stampeding towards 600 million (projected by the year 2030), we are yet to do the water-mathematics. The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS:1172-1993) has long since recommended water usage at 135 litres per day per urban citizen.

While this number may already seem high, the truth is that it’s only a fraction of the consumption observed in urban households which averages about 225 litres per person per day. This data is from the 10,000 homes where we manage water…

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