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This bite-sized article is dedicated to our bite-sized sensor. (Yeah, the one that many asked about here).

The VenAqua sensor was our answer to the multi-inlet question and; looking at the way it helped an entire building/establishment/estate/colony/complex save money; it seems to have the final word on the subject.

How did all this start?

We basically didn’t want you to pay for more than what you used, but no one seemed to know exactly how much they used! The water meters that existed were large and didn’t help the multi-inlet problem. Not to mention, every meter had to be manually visited for the reading. Far from a perfect world, you’d agree.

That’s all we needed to know before this sensor was made to a success. Let’s talk about it:

  1. ‘Bite-Size’ - This sensor is small. The dimension of our sensor is 5.1 x 1.5 x 2.2 inches which means it fits into a really small space.

    Honestly, sensors do not get any cuter than this.
  2. Smart - As if monitoring every litre of water while analyzing it wasn’t enough, this sensor communicates its readings in real time to the master panel. You don’t even have to go near it to check what’s up.

  3. Saver - VenAqua is all about data. Good information comes at a price which would be a lot more if we didn’t have these sensors. A small monthly fee gets you all the data you want so you never pay more than you use.

We are bringing VenAqua to every building/flat that wants it. Wouldn’t you like to be our next success story?

Stay tuned for a new VenAqua subscription plan that we have in the works! We are also hyping up for our next meet, this time in Hyderabad. (yeah, we’re touring!)


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