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It is tough to convince members of a busy household just how devastating a water leak can be; both to their pockets and to our environment. Wasted drops are either invisible, or ignored when noticed.

“It’s just a few drops”

Nope. Fact is, you don’t know if it’s really just those few drops. Or if it happened just once. The leaks aren’t being measured because you’ve not been told that doing so is possible. The technology to measure leaks is already here; (and it will lead us to sustainability).

We look around at the countless real estate projects coming up all over our country and are dumbstruck at the number of leaks that are doomed to go unnoticed. Only what can be measured effectively can be managed effectively. But there has never been any data...

So this september, we measured the leaks of an entire colony in Chennai.

The colony of ‘Not Brooks’ (name changed) houses 136 flats. Our VenAqua system was setup here to monitor readings from our sensors. The data we collected showed us exactly what we knew: leaks are everywhere! We’ve chosen the statistics from bathroom 1 of flat #8008 (number changed for privacy) to show how the wasted drops have been floating your money down the drain.

01_Sep 8008 B1 Leakage 597

A significant loss of 597 litres was picked up by our sensors. Taps left open, dripping shower-heads, etc., that are common in busy households cause such spikes. This continued the next day:

02_Sep 8008 B1 Leakage 468

The leaks briefly reduced only to increase again by hitting peak losses around the middle of the month. Small instances of leaks persisted till the end of September. We’ve tabulated some of the data below:


Date Flat No Source of Leakage  Leakage!
01 September 2018 8008  Bathroom - 1 Leakage - 597
02 September 2018 8008 Bathroom - 1 Leakage - 468
04 September 2018 8008 Bathroom - 1 Leakage - 73
08 September 2018 8008 Bathroom - 1 Leakage - 62
09 September 2018 8008 Bathroom - 1 Leakage - 325
18 September 2018 8008 Bathroom - 1 Leakage - 780
23 September 2018 8008 Bathroom - 1 Leakage - 39
24 September 2018 8008 Bathroom - 1  Leakage - 98

Verdict: The inhabitants of #8008 contributed to 2442 litres of water loss.

This is happening all over the world, except we don’t have the data

Individual water meters were never a thing... until now. Since this isn’t popular enough yet, here’s what’s been happening:

In societies that share the water bill, the leaks of more than one flat contribute to the total expenses. Ultimately, you never know what you’re paying for; your own usage, or your neighbours’ waste. Flats paying for tanker lorries end up paying a lot more while none of the water expenses are equal to the usage. The invisibility of these leaks thrive on our disinterest; but with enough data uncovering the truth, that won’t happen anymore. If you are to stop wasting water and money, every significant drop needs to be measured. Information is the solution and we have it.

‘Knowing’ is all it takes.

Bringing such information to light creates room for action. Something as simple as calling a plumber to fix a faucet or taking an extra second to shut a source off properly. Because in its most factual description:

You are paying money to waste a precious resource.

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