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Water – As precious as diamonds

There are more than 326 million trillion gallons of water on Earth. Out of this, only 1% is consumable and 2% is locked up in ice caps and glaciers.

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2015: The Year in Posts

Our VenAqua blog is a fledgling. It came into existence just a few months back, out of a need to tell and share water stories, about conservation, sustainability and so on as it was related to ourfalse

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Of Flooding and… more flooding

      “Please join us this weekend for a cleanup of the Adyar river. Assembly point: X. Time: Y am”

As recently as two days prior, I got this message. Despite many weeks having passed since, thefalse

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7 Ways To Show Our Planet Some Love, on Love’s Day

So. Are you the pink heart-shaped balloons and chocolates-type person? Or the one that runs away from those things kind? Whichever camp you fall into, it cannot have escaped your notice that thefalse

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Of leaky taps and water shortage

The past week, a heart-rending image of an emaciated Nigerian toddler has been doing the rounds on the Internet. The starved, painfully thin child was seen gratefully sipping from a bottle offalse

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How To Celebrate Holi Without Destroying the Environment

Today’s Holi in India, the festival that celebrates Spring and all of its glory. Holi is synonymous with colour and up and down the country and among the diaspora worldwide, there’s this sense offalse

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Water: Every Drop Counts!

Let me tell you a story. True story!

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Water Woes

Another day, another watery tale of woe. Day after day, the media is filled with dismal stories about the misery resulting from an abject lack of water in parts of our country. The plight of thefalse

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Old methods to usher in a new dawn

Too many people, too few resources. Too many of us, not enough food, water and the basic necessities of life. Every day, a new species is dying out, a forest is being razed to the ground, a riverfalse

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