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Thank you for your questions!

The idea behind our event was to help clarify all doubts you may have; about the technology, about the money you save and about sustaining water through it. Here are the top questions we received and our answers to them:

About saving money and water:

Can being sustainable at an individual level create an actual difference? (I want to conserve more but don't know how to)...

Yes, individually you can make a difference. This is understood eventually, as one’s perspective changes.

So let’s try that with an example. If you pay a common maintenance bill this might resonate more with you. Residents paying this monthly charge were unaware of the water-bill percentage. When our data calculated it to be around 30%, (especially properties that bought water by the tanker-lorries), they realised the major chunk they were paying for. And once they did, they were more interested to conserve water.

The most effective way conserve is to measure usage. Watching your conservation efforts directly translate to savings is a satisfaction only data can provide.

About our technology:

Electricity has one measuring point but water has multiple measuring points. How does a system aggregate water consumption from a single apartment?

We got this question because people are amazed how we individually track usage of multiple inlets in one apartment. How many meters do we have? After all, one can’t have water meters on every inlet for every apartment!

To solve this issue of multi-inlet plumbing (which is what apartments use), we have VenAqua Sensors. These sensors do not require manual readings as they electronically transfer data. It’s the sensor’s size, weight and easy-readings that allow us to aggregate the consumption of a single apartment.

An army of these sensors can arrest your water expenses; saving our water, one reading at a time.

Thanks again for being a part of this! We’ve been seeing a sustainable future that you built with us and events like these make us feel like we’re moving towards it fast.

Stay tuned for our next event!

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