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5 Simple Ways You Can Help Conserve Water

You might be conscious about how water wastage affects all of us, or worried about water scarcity that’s already hitting a considerable portion of the world. Or you might just not want to waste water.
Whatever your reason, congrats on making the right choice! Here are (n) ways you can save water and make a difference.

1) Brush With The Tap Turned Off
A number of us leave the water running when we brush our teeth. Closing that tap can help you save 6 litres of water everyday. That’s over 2000 litres a year!

2) Shower Savers
Showers use 6 to 45 litres per minute. Reduce the length of a shower, or use an aerator. This device can be fit on your shower, and considerably reduces wastage by mixing air with the water from the shower head.

3) Ditch The Hose
By watering your garden with a watering can instead of using a pipe or garden hose, you can save up to a 1000 litres per hour.

4) Monitor Leaks
There are products, like WeGot’s VenAqua, that use software to alert you of a leak in your household plumbing, or if you mistakenly leave a tap running. VenAqua even lets you shut your plumbing off using just your phone.

5) Fix Drippy Taps
A tap that keeps dripping wastes 15 litres of water a day, or 5500 litres a year. Turn this around by replacing taps like these.

Don’t think water conservation can make that big a difference? Check out this case study: one of our clients made a significant shift by implementing methods to curb water wastage. You can download it for free here.

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